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I see the lighted house from my back lawn
The stars are cold tonight; the moon is late
I see the house where Karen slept and ate
The bedroom light goes out; I know she's gone.

In sad November days the world feels wrong
I walk to school, thinking, through red leaves
That just last spring were new upon the trees
Thinking how, each fall, spring's flowers die young.

The world goes on when what we prize is gone.
A face without an eye is still a face–
The world, without her, has an empty space.
The time to wait for Jesus seems so long.

The world goes on, I know, and so must I
Though red leaves turn to brown and flowers die.

By Dr. Rachel Byrd, November 8, 2001

Inspiration from Patriachs and Prophets p. 62 and Great Controversy p. 648


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