Scholarship Information

The Karen Minner Scholarship is awarded each spring to a student at Highland View Academy, in remembrance of Karen Janeen Minner, pastor of the Class of 1996.


Recipients of this scholarship will exhibit the qualities of Christian character found in Karen's life and will be highly regarded by both his/her peer group and the academy faculty. He/she will also emulate Karen's commitment to academic excellence by maintaining a high grade point average. As a third and less important criterion, financial need may be considered.

There will be no artificial methods employed to distribute the scholarship evenly by gender, race, ethnic group, or geographic area. These factors are not to be considered in each year's effort to identify the most deserving individual for the following school year.
Indeed, an individual may receive the scholarship more than once if he/she is deemed the best candidate.

Selection Procedure

Each year's recipient will be chosen by vote of the academy faculty.


The scholarship will be presented, beginning in 2002, at Alumni Homecoming by a member of the Minner family. In the event no family member can be present, the family will designate a presenter.

Solicitation and Management of Funds

Primary responsibility for management, investment, and disbursement of the moneys in this scholarship will lie with the Treasurer of Highland View Academy, and be subject to the normal auditing procedures of that institution. The Treasurer will consult at regular intervals with the Treasury Department of the Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and/or the Columbia Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists regarding the prudent investment of these funds.

An effort will be made to raise enough money to establish a permanent endowment, with the scholarship award deriving annually from earnings on the principal. This will be accomplished as soon as possible after the establishment of the scholarship.

An effort will be made to maintain the annual award at $1,000. Changes in that amount, as necessary or desirable, will be made jointly by the academy Treasurer and the Minner family.


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